What is Elemental Space Clearing®?

Both clutter clearing and space clearing can create a positive shift and change in ones life. We can clear the clutter and this will create some shift of energy, however some negative energies may still remain if we don’t do an energetic clearing. This is where Space Clearing comes in.

Elemental Space Clearing® is a sacred ceremony that is individually attuned to the home or business and its occupants. It is not a religious practice, but it is a very spiritual one. Negative or stale energies may build up over time and can have a depressive effect in the home or office. Have you have ever noticed the change in a room’s energy after an argument? The room may feel heavy and there is a lingering tension afterwards. You may not have witnessed the argument yourself, but you will have noticed, and can feel, the difference in the room and amongst the people who are there. Some spaces may even be affected by the residual effects of past traumatic events, such as suicide.  I have also cleared ghosts and spirits from homes. Simply put, Space Clearing is the shifting and clearing of such energies.

Why have a Space Clearing?

There are many reasons for having a space clearing, however let's start at the beginning. All homes, businesses and places have energy. Energy is all around us at any given moment or time no matter where we are. Think of your home and how old it is, how long you have lived there, all the past events and celebrations that have happened there over time. These events and emotions create layers and layers of energy imprinted into the space. Your home may be 25 years old and you have only been living there for 5 years, but what about the past occupants? What was their life like? Were they happy? These are all questions we may or may not think of, or know about when moving into a new home.

Please let me explain that when I shift and clear energy I am not removing the happy memories you have created; I am simply shifting the stagnant energy that no longer needs to be there, along with the effects of any past memories you may no longer want influencing your environment. An example of this is if you have had a relationship breakup and want a new beginning to come into your life.

You can have a space clearing as often as you like. If you think about it, how many homes and buildings are out there that have never had a clearing? Other reasons for space clearing is moving into a new home, welcoming a new baby, a new year or Decade and new beginnings, new relationship, a new business moving into a new site, buying and selling a property or building a new home. These are only a few reasons to have a space clearing.

What happens during the Space Clearing process?

First of all, information is gathered at a client interview. This information will be quite in-depth, so allow sufficient time to explore the current influences in your life and your desired outcomes. This is not just about your home, but all areas of your life. This is followed with hours of research on the elements to be placed on the altar that is created at the Space Clearing ceremony. This is not related to any particular religious practice but is used to concentrate mentally and spiritually on the requirements for each individual client. Everything that goes onto the altar has meaning and purpose for the desired outcome. I also write a special blessing for the occupants and the home or business. No two altars are ever alike due to the specific crystals, layout, flowers and other items put on each altar.

Traditional tools such as the bell, Tibetan singing bowl, smudge stick, feather, and hand mudras are used throughout the ceremony, in conjunction with an intuitive understanding of the movement of energies.

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